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The Mitzvah In Being A Pen Pal . . Testimonials Page 2

From other actual Letters:

Joseph K. Age 30: "...Before my arrest I worked with my father...he is a great teacher and I should have listened more..."

Rachel F.: "...When there is a cutback in prison the first thing to go is food. Most now is rancid old military surplus and appears to go back to the first gulf war...we get desert storm packs for dinner...sand and all..."

Samson E. Age 44 : "...This latest prison I've been moved to actually seems humane...But as always...no kosher food...no other Jews."

Reuben L. Age 51 : "...getting any  letter is so special...even if it is a form letter telling me I'm on the list for a pen pal...thank you for making
me feel special."

Benjamin Y.: "...If you can find a pen pal that speaks Spanish I will be so grateful...but if you can't...well thank you for trying...English is fine."

Barry W. : "...it's taken 12 years to get transferred to a work camp but we can now wear tefillin...and have torahs...and celebrate holidays...and we hear that maybe we will get kosher food next year..."

Jacob P.: "...it takes a special kind of person to harbor compassion for those in prison...Hashem has truly blessed you - and me as well... for I
have just gotten a letter."

Adam P. Age 36: " ...I now have quite a few books...and I am allowed to wear a kippa in my cell only when I am studying and never outside the cell."

Sylvia P., Age 40: "...Thank you writing to wish me a happy birthday...I feel guilty the postage for a card cost you $2...thank you for reaching out and touching me... I am honored and grateful..."

Elias I.: "...I was put in prison in 1985...and this is the first letter I've received...a birthday card...so you know I am 45...I see my brother once or twice a year... he lives in Florida ...you have made a great impact on me."

Michael S. Age 28: "...I'm sorry for not replying sooner...but I have just been to court and been told I'm going to be here for 20 years...it's been hard to reply to your letter knowing that..."

Debra S., age 46: "...Thank you for your birthday wishes...so I am replying to you on this day, my birthday, to thank you...thank you."

Bernard F. Age 25 "...Sorry for the sloppy penmanship. My mom kept telling me that I should have been a doctor because that's how they write..."

Eliot A.: "...I appreciate receiving your letter and will always reply to anyone that writes to me...can't guarantee to use a typewriter though...My handwriting is sometimes confused for chicken scratch..."

Alan  G.: "...I used to work (in prison) as a teacher's aide but education was mostly cut out of the Florida Prison system...I lost my favorite job...so now I am on the other side of the bars."

Dan M.: "...And a little bit about me (written in Hebrew)...if you can't read it I am sure you can find someone who can translate ..."

Hirsh I. : "...I am in the 'hole' (solitary) with nothing and no way to get a stamp - then I saw the stamp on your letter wasn't cancelled...So...I'm sure you won't be impressed with my creative solution, but!..."

David J.: "When I saw the letter was from New Zealand I asked myself, 'Who the heck have I offended way down there?' I did wrong ...and I believe I was put in here for my own good...it was the wakeup call I needed...I have been in jail 7 years...On a self-improvement program for 4=BD of those... and the real test will be when I get out...Will I be accepted back into the community?..."

Finally, some acid humor from Ari Z.:
"...I've been in prison since 1984 and I'll never get out, Well not unless I sprout feathers and learn to fly. On the slight chance that G-d would grant such a request, I stand on my bunk each day flapping my arms for 30 minutes. As of yet, I have not achieved flight...I was an angry lonely person...But I've left that person behind...I hope to share some smiles and laughs, dreams and interests...and a cartoon or two wouldn't hurt either...once you compare your life with mine, you'll be so happy you're not me, but my sense of humor I will share..."


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