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The Mitzvah In Being A Pen Pal . . .

. . . Testimonials

It's hard for us on the outside of prison to understand how lonely and difficult a prisoner's life can be. This page will touch you by giving you a taste of the correspondence, from what we receive here at Aleph from inmates and actual letters from individual civilian pen pals.


A Rabbi contacted us recently to thank us for creating the inmate Pen Pal program. An inmate had made a special effort to tell the Rabbi that getting letters "from the outside" had been a life-changing experience and how grateful he was.


A pen pal in a foreign country a long way from the USA arranged through a friend to have an article about the Pen Pal program published in a local non-English language newspaper. Some weeks later we received an inquiry from a woman in the Ukraine who read that article and was moved to be a pen pal. First a seed has to be sown with enthusiasm...and it will then travel around the world.


As a Pal you can be a teacher, too! Many prisoners have lost touch with their religious roots and will enjoy hearing about Jewish festivals and special occasions.


Others will write about hobbies, favorite authors, music, art, or other specialized interests. Therefore you can learn as well as share life experiences.


What kind of prisoner will you get for a pen pal? While there are very intelligent prisoners, some with Ph.D degrees, others have only a moderate education, so their writing skills may not be perfect. While some have had a lifetime of Jewish living, many state that religion was not part of their upbringing. By helping others discover their faith through being a pen pal, you may rediscover your own. Every well matched pen pal pair will find their own level of multi-faceted interests.


Finally, keep in contact with us! We often get feed back from inmates and their free world Pals.


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Everyone can do this Mitzvah with
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Just complete the "Let Us Match You With A Pen Pal "
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